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I bought a TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR in June 2016 and noticed a defect in the display by July. I returned it to the retailer and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to repair, this is ridiculously long. Since i handed over the watch and the warranty card I have heard nothing. The watch was AUD 1500 and is the first watch i have ever had to return. So much for a quality brand! I went to their website to submit a complaint and ask for a repair... Read more

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We purchased a Tissot men's watch for my father for his birthday. He was very excited about this and looking forward to getting the watch but when it came the band was way too small. Like, it fit the womens wrists perfectly but none of the mens. See photo. When we called Tissot to inform them and ask what to do they said that we would have to pay for a larger band. Um, excuse me? This is not a man's watchband. My father does not have... Read more

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I bought a Tissot watch about 2 months ago from TBC Egypt, and since day one I am facing multiple issues: - the stop watch buttons are not working - the watch need to be charged every day I went to the store to have it replaced or exchanged for another model and they refused and insist on “fixing it” I should not spend this much money on a watch, just to have it refurbished and fixed few weeks after the purchase and feel I bought a used product.... Read more

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Bought a tissot watch from a local tissot dealer, three brake downs in first eighteen months, dealer gave us our moneyback, pity it was a lovely looking watch.

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My son bought me a Tissot lady's watch that works on kinetic ( dont need battery) on the 13/5/2016 for my birthday. The Serial number: 15HA0110359 from :Watchshoppe" 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Selangor, tel number: 603-77291172. Unfortunately, the watch malfunction. The first week i used, it was ok. The second week, the watch stopped working after wearing for 7 hrs. My son told me that the sale person said is normal. But now when I wear at 7 am,... Read more

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Dear Everyone, I am a very unhappy owner of a very low quality Tissot watch model Sea Star. This is the 2nd time this watch has given the same trouble Chronology of events ~Bought watch about mid last year ~About end last year-1st problem ~May 2016 was 2nd problem Here is why 1st time the watch gave problem was the luminous sticker you call it came off during use of the watch. I sent it to Swatch Group Malaysia and got it fixed at no cost. I... Read more

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Tissot's T-Touch Exchange Program is a scam
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In 2004, I bought the Tissot T-Touch in Tripoli, Libya for 700 LYD (516 USD). I enjoyed the watch and had to replace the battery 6 years later, which was excellent. In 2013, I realized a crown was missing and went to the Swatch Group Service Center in Korea to get it replaced. They said it would cost 210,000 KRW (179 USD) to replace a single crown, which I was OK with, since I had a terrific time with that watch. However, they said they... Read more

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I sent in a brand new t-touch expert solar (leas than one month old and purchased from an authorized dealer) for repair in due to the barometer function not working. Watch went to Switzerland and was inspected by Tissot only to be sent back to me with nothing fixed (took about a month). Had to send it back for a second time through the dealer, hoping for the best but terrible quality control if they could not even detect my issue initially after... Read more

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The second hand stops for few seconds and suddenly jumps. Also second hand movement is not aligned to the markings on the watch. The movement is not accurate. I bought this watch on July 11 and then I tried reaching out to the Tissot website and also went to the same shop from where I bought this watch. They said the battery died but how can it be the case in newly sold watch - unless they are selling it really old stuff. In that case they are... Read more

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Sometime ago I complained in this forum regarding the issue of my watch afterwards one of Tissot agents contacted me through email, however, to see the issue of the watch they wanted me to pay the local agent and they said they have no control of their authorized dealer hence I have to pay even for a simple check up to see what's wrong with the watch. As far as I'm concern I bought it about a year ago and there is no physical damaged but the... Read more

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