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Dear Everyone,

I am a very unhappy owner of a very low quality Tissot watch model Sea Star. This is the 2nd time this watch has given the same trouble

Chronology of events

~Bought watch about mid last year

~About end last year-1st problem

~May 2016 was 2nd problem

Here is why

1st time the watch gave problem was the luminous sticker you call it came off during use of the watch. I sent it to Swatch Group Malaysia and got it fixed at no cost. I lost ½ confident in the brand credibility of quality knowing it will happen again. Just a few month use and the watch give problem? Hmm….

2nd time, True enough, 2 more luminous came off and this time. I was very embarrassed when my friend was the one who noticed the watch time was way off and after a quick inspection, it was the stup1d sticker problem again. When I tried to shake it out to free it, a 3rd sticker came off making me more confident that this is a really a mickey mouse watch. Now I’ve lost ¾ confident in your brand.

Now with ¼ confident left, I wrote to you ppl earlier asking you ppls how you are going to make it up to me but you ppl chose to repair the watch for the last time under warranty and when the same problem reoccurs, you will charge me with misuse. Very convenient..

It’s the same when you drive a car which is under warranty over a pothole and the side mirror comes off and manufacturer said that damage is caused by misuse and please don’t drive over potholes.

Look, your warranty/guarantee policy defines ‘Misuse’ wrongly IF IT IS NOT FAIR TO A CUSTOMER LIKE ME.. I’ve opened the line of communication and look for a way to solve this dispute but you ppl are not interested in customer interest.

Then, Christine Chang from Swatch Group was the SPOC (that’s Single point of contact) for this problem and she is very good and sensitive but her ‘misused’ superiors, either the huge kiss a$% type or they are genuinely stup1d in the head.

This is what they told me through her.

1. The stup1d sticker came off because of misuse.

a. Misuse? What the f#%k misuse?? Just because there is a small dent that can only be seen using that magnifying glass is called ‘misuse’. How nice. This is a daily use item and you should expect this and any watch for this matter in everyday use experience. What do you expect from day use?

b. Or maybe misuse means I use the mickey mouse watch as an anvil to straighten a bent kitchen knife or it could also be you saying I use the watch as a hammer to knock a nail into a brick wall..

2. If the problem happens again, I have to pay for the repairs. This is the last time it will be no cost.

a. Just sell a mickey mouse watch and then say customer misuse and have to bare cost of repair

3. Christine`s bosses suggested that i change the watch face BUT I have to pay for it.

a. What the f#%k? Pay to replace a substandard item because it was my luck to buy a no quality item? Did I earn the money to pay for this watch by luck? Let me do you a favour. Quality means – “Performs as expected”. DOES THIS WATCH PERFORMS AS EXPECTED? Maybe you’d like to give this watch as a present to your friends and see how they laugh at your quality when sh1t like this happens! You are actually selling me a mickey mouse watch and blame me when some f#%k happens.

Clearly now I can tell either Tissot international is not concerned about consumer interest selling substandard products keeping the cost extremely low not putting quality as priority. or Christine’s superiors are genuine a$%holes, really guys! Someone has to take this blame and you ppl figure it out yourself who

Situation today

I’ve got back the mickey mouse watch back and Swatch Group repaired them at no cost. Thank you very2 much.. but this is not the end of the story

Hey look, I’ve totally lost confidence in this watch cos everyone know this problem will happen again eventually. I have you and your quality control department to thank for it.

Now here is the situation. I’m sick and tired of errand manufacturers, companies, bosses, superiors or who ever it is who always wants to get away scott free, and I am sick and tired and have lost total confidence with this brand and watch. If I am wrong, YOU PROVE ME OTHERWISE.

So here is what I want. MY MONEY BACK WHAT ELSE?

1) I want a full refund and I will return the watch back to you ppl as how I got it back from Swatch Group. Non negotiable. End of dispute.

2) Or if you decide (which I think what is going on in your head) and don’t fulfil my demands within 10 physical days from this message here is what I’m going to do.

3) Seek legal action with Tribual Court in Purtajaya (20 minutes drive from home). Good chances I’ll win. Only RM50 to submit a case.

4) Win or lose, because you have proven to me that someone or everyone in your organization is irresponsible, I will also tell everyone and anyone I can reach in this world through social media and paid media complete with pictures and a very nice story about your brand and your mickey mouse products.

5) Here’s how I’m going to do it.

a. Write an article to the press for release.

b. Social media with appropriate hashtag and with pictures and a nice story. This is the tip of the iceberg

c. Use paid services in example http://www.fiverr.com, http://www.seoclerks.com among other to retweet and share facebook page. Yes I’ve used some of this service before and I know what to expect. If you’ve never heard of such service on the internet, trust me, you should be concerned. If you have heard of such thing, it doesn’t have to take much to convince you to be concerned

d. My guess, estimate traffic 1-2million non-organic traffic from my efforts paid and not paid. Depends on how interested the recipient’s are to my story, the traffic may ultimately be much more than 3-5million. Don’t believe me, let’s try.. I’ll just enjoy and sit back to watch the fireworks of you are fire fighting on this. You may even need to spend thousands thru A&P and press release etc for damage control gaining back confidence from your potential customers which take ppl like me so cheap to destroy. Thank Gen Z for this tool.

e. There are 21 world popular social sites. I’ll create an account on each one posting about stup1d watch and brand – here is the link: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/2015-04-13/worlds-21-most-important-social-media-sites-and-apps-2015

f. Google everywhere and get contact info where I can forward this message of all my work starting from Nick Hayek Jr then work my way down.

g. All this with the intent to make your potential customers be aware of your substandard products and lousy aftersales service

h. I’ve gathered many-many links and images and forums and blogs and social media on how bad your watch quality is. Here are some examples

i. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amC1-v9PzK0

ii. http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/63387-tissot-prs-516-valjoux-another-fault/

iii. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHUq92z_jNE


i. I’ll make a compilation of them all and share them in my postings. I think you can imagine the impact.

Here is what that could happen.

1. Some senior management will come to hear about this complaint when it has gone viral. An internal enquiry would be held and guess what? The one who is responsible for this would f#%k up will be answerable and maybe suspended or fired. By this time, the viral is too late to take it back, not even by me.

2. If your senior management don’t care, the CEO, president, bos #1 should

3. If he doesn’t care too, the shareholders and board of directors should.

4. If none of the above ppl care, your potential customer will care. For me, I will give up and truly accept that it’s just my a$% luck I bought a mickey mouse item but remember, the market will hear about it and though you may only lose a small percent of your sales and that is enough for me. I’ll then retreat and be contented that the loss is not that small and neither it is that big for me.

5. In short, someone’s *** would be on fire and that’s the way it should be for lazy, irresponsible ppl handling customers!

You see my friend, unlike you, I have very2 little to lose. The watch is back with me. I’ll sell this mickey mouse watch in local or international market place and will use the money to get back at you. No big deal.

Consider this. You are more on the losing end than me for this one.

Is this message a threat? Yes I certainly hope so.

And yes, I’ll print and this message to court as proof of this dispute with you. I’ve checked, yes, the court may not prefer my language but its not a popularity contest you know. Go ahead, pls check with your legal department on selling mickey mouse watch to customers and customers getting even

I don’t like brands like yours and you don’t like customers like me. Lets just end this. You can cut losses now and pay me back and I’ll return the watch back to you and you can have fun with it.

Last note-this is my 2nd and final email to you or swatch group. I don’t have time and effort negotiating with you for this kind of bullsh1t. Give me back my money that’s all I want or else lets start this war.

This person wrote the review because of bad quality of tissot watch from Tissot and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $500 and wants Tissot to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was quality. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following companies: Rado or Seiko. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Tissot for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Omg should have read these reviews before purchasing one more mickey mouse watch. Beli tak sampai setahun it stopped working .

Sent to the stupid gold hill centre , they blame us.

Ok jom tribunal.


I had same problem..bought tissot for 3 month and now its not working. Those fuckes at the service centre keep blaming me rather than give services to me..and nope ita not covered under their warranty..

to Anonymous #1382777

yes agree their customer service is very lousy, mine the same under warranty, but they tried to find excuse not to covered under warranty and they want to charge $240 to repair my watch which is only 6 months. lousy service, or no service at all. I will not buy any tissot watch .

to Anonymous #1413861

Hey. Let's go tribunal together.

Vallejo, California, United States #1183545

Maybe you can recover your losses by selling the publishing rights of your book.

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